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Whipped up a batch… June 22, 2008

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Well this past week seemed to go by so quickly but I did get at least one thing done that I had been hoping to, amongst all of the errands I had to run. The kiddos and I whipped up a batch of laundry soap. Why you ask? Well because it is non-toxic which makes it way better for us and our environment. As well as it was just one more step for us in our quest of trying to go green. I have actually washed several loads of laundry with our new soap and it is working great. Also, someone wanted to know how my clothespin bag turned out a couple weeks ago so here it is. It works great which I knew it would. It is MaryJane’s pattern after all!

Mystery Bag Challenge June 18, 2008

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Ahh, the Mystery Bag Challenge from the Country Sampler.
It all started a few months back when with a little reluctance I decide I would pick up my mystery sack. I honestly swear that I had that little brown sack of fabric for 2 months before I decided what to make out of it. I thought to myself and a few others “what the hell did I get myself into?” Every time I would look at the fabric I was clueless. After all I just started quilting about six months ago. One day though about a week and a half before the quilt was due to be turned in it came to me. I would make a Crazy Curve quilt. I ran to the Sampler and picked up the book and templates that I needed as well as the remaining fabric. Can you believe that I was able to get it all done? Well if it had not been for Sally and Lori, my wonderful instructors for the beginning quilt class I took there, it would have not been possible. I worked around the clock to get that sucker done. My family is lucky that they are self-reliant and can cook for themselves! Otherwise they may have starved. I was surprisingly and luckily able to get my quilt finished with so little time. The wonderful gals at Country Sampler even managed to get the machine quilting done for me. I was even able to turn it in with a day or two to spare.
On June 9th they announced the winners. The picture is of me and my 3rd place quilt!! Heck yeah…I deserve those 5 free yards of fabric. Even if I hadn’t won though it was totally worth it. My daughter had told me when I started this quilt “to go big or go home” which is something I tell her when she is challenged to do something. Well I think she was mighty impressed and that is what mattered most in my book.

Hugs~ Christina


16 years and going strong… June 11, 2008

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Can you believe it? Yesterday Todd and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! I know when we were married that many had their doubts that it would ever last. They said we were too young; but what did they know. I am not saying it has been the easiest thing either of us have ever done in our lives but I think that we both agree that we wouldn’t change a thing.

How have we managed to do it? We learned that we had to put each other first and foremost very early on. Only our two children have slots that walk side by side with us. One day new slots will open for the families they build. Until that day arrives we will continue to remain loyal only to each other and our family above all others. We have also learned to pick & chose our battles wisely. We basically decided that really there is nothing worth battling over. We just sometimes have to agree to disagree.

I was lucky to have found my soul mate so soon in life. Many people spend a lifetime searching for mister right. I hope when we reach the 50 year mark we can still say that we are madly in love with one another. I know I will keep working everyday to make sure it happens.

Hugs~ Christina 


‘Coons… Friend or Foe

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Well this has been one hell of a week so far. It all started with me watching my insane husbands quest to capture one of the menacing raccoons that reside in our front tree. We were told last week by our local extension office that if we trapped them ourselves that we could call the humane society and they would come and pick them up and euthanize them. Now for all you do-gooders and animal lovers out there you have to understand that while yes these ‘coons may be cute, little masked bandits they have to go. In fact they WILL be banished because not only will they ruin my lovely garden crops that my family and I have worked so hard to put in. They deter me from being able to get a nice little flock of chickens. Any way back on the subject…So my husband was able able to capture one of the babies. Of course I was screaming when the mama ‘coon came barreling out of the tree after them both. Once everyone (my husband) was safely contained in their place I went in to call the humane society. They said they would send someone right away. I hung up the phone happy to be rid of this ‘coon only to have the humane society guy show up and inform me that last week they changed the rule and he could only release the little varmint 100 feet from the capture site. I must say that I am hoping that the mama got lost looking for that baby or moved out of my tree at the very least; because I haven’t seen her around since Sunday morning! They maybe cute but this City Chick is considering this varmint a foe.
Hugs~ The City Chicks