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‘Coons… Friend or Foe June 11, 2008

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Well this has been one hell of a week so far. It all started with me watching my insane husbands quest to capture one of the menacing raccoons that reside in our front tree. We were told last week by our local extension office that if we trapped them ourselves that we could call the humane society and they would come and pick them up and euthanize them. Now for all you do-gooders and animal lovers out there you have to understand that while yes these ‘coons may be cute, little masked bandits they have to go. In fact they WILL be banished because not only will they ruin my lovely garden crops that my family and I have worked so hard to put in. They deter me from being able to get a nice little flock of chickens. Any way back on the subject…So my husband was able able to capture one of the babies. Of course I was screaming when the mama ‘coon came barreling out of the tree after them both. Once everyone (my husband) was safely contained in their place I went in to call the humane society. They said they would send someone right away. I hung up the phone happy to be rid of this ‘coon only to have the humane society guy show up and inform me that last week they changed the rule and he could only release the little varmint 100 feet from the capture site. I must say that I am hoping that the mama got lost looking for that baby or moved out of my tree at the very least; because I haven’t seen her around since Sunday morning! They maybe cute but this City Chick is considering this varmint a foe.
Hugs~ The City Chicks

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