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Mystery Bag Challenge June 18, 2008

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Ahh, the Mystery Bag Challenge from the Country Sampler.
It all started a few months back when with a little reluctance I decide I would pick up my mystery sack. I honestly swear that I had that little brown sack of fabric for 2 months before I decided what to make out of it. I thought to myself and a few others “what the hell did I get myself into?” Every time I would look at the fabric I was clueless. After all I just started quilting about six months ago. One day though about a week and a half before the quilt was due to be turned in it came to me. I would make a Crazy Curve quilt. I ran to the Sampler and picked up the book and templates that I needed as well as the remaining fabric. Can you believe that I was able to get it all done? Well if it had not been for Sally and Lori, my wonderful instructors for the beginning quilt class I took there, it would have not been possible. I worked around the clock to get that sucker done. My family is lucky that they are self-reliant and can cook for themselves! Otherwise they may have starved. I was surprisingly and luckily able to get my quilt finished with so little time. The wonderful gals at Country Sampler even managed to get the machine quilting done for me. I was even able to turn it in with a day or two to spare.
On June 9th they announced the winners. The picture is of me and my 3rd place quilt!! Heck yeah…I deserve those 5 free yards of fabric. Even if I hadn’t won though it was totally worth it. My daughter had told me when I started this quilt “to go big or go home” which is something I tell her when she is challenged to do something. Well I think she was mighty impressed and that is what mattered most in my book.

Hugs~ Christina


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