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My Weekend Bargin!! July 21, 2008

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A gorgeous Singer Treadle. I did a little research on the Singer website and found out she is a model 66 made in 1914. She came with all of the original attachments and accessories which you can see in the picture. I really had to bargain with the gal because she wanted way over what I was able to spend. However, she desperately wanted to go on a vacation this year so I talked her down to less than half of what she originally wanted. I assured her that this little beauty would be going to a good home where she would be loved and cared for. So in the end I think that made her happy. I had to swing by the sewing store on the way home for a thread spindle and the guy told me that if he were to estimate a cost on replacing it that I walked away with a steal. It would be worth over 3 times what I paid for it! 

Has it has been a month already? July 19, 2008

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Wow I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I posted last. I always have good intentions of posting though.

I did make some amazing cookies last week after tweaking a recipe. They started out as basic oatmeal raisin which Todd and Donovan love. However, Jade and I don’t care for raisins in our cookies so I took half of the basic dough and added craisins and white chocolate to ours. Yummy! I made them “monster” sized and I couldn’t believe how moist they stayed for the three days that they lasted. They have quickly become one of our new favorites!

I stitched up this cute little pin cushion! I have to admit the pattern needed some adjustments so my first one definitely did not look this good. I am fairly new to all this sewing stuff so thankfully I can usually figure it out. Needless to say the first one looked more like a deflated cupcake. My daughter made the delightful little gift box that is in the picture. It is hard to see but the top of it is covered in what appears to be sugar crystal.

I have been using my homemade laundry soap exclusively now for almost a month! I must say that it really is working great. Our clothes look and feel much cleaner and crisper than they did with my old laundry detergent. The crispness could also be due to the fact that I have been hanging almost everything out on the clothes line. Either way I love it so I will be sticking with it from here on out!