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Caterpillars in the gardens… August 1, 2008

Filed under: Through the Garden Gate — Flour Girls & City Chicks @ 5:27 pm

While I was out watering in the garden yesterday I happened upon this huge green caterpillar on my tomato plant. Not knowing what was stuck/suctioned all over it I broke off the branch it was located it on and moved it to another area. After doing a bit of research I found out something interesting. The little white things suctioned to my green caterpillar are actually wasps!! Here is a link to see what I found out.
The other little caterpillars in my southside flower bed have been hard at work eating the plants that were specially planted for them. These plants were given to me so I am not quite sure what they are; but I was guarenteed that they would bring me some butterflies.
Hugs~ Christina

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