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Teaching Jade to sew?!?! August 16, 2008

Filed under: In the Craft Room — Flour Girls & City Chicks @ 1:32 pm

So this week has been full of excitement for me. My daughter finally decided that she wanted to learn to sew! She had been talking about it for about a month now so a couple of weeks ago I bought her a used Singer off of craigslist. Mainly because I keep mine set up for quilting. I suppose I could have shared but why when a practically new machine could be purchased for $30. Plus, then we can sit and so side by side. Well that was my hope anyway. After spending a week with her picking out just the right fabric and a super easy pattern we were ready to start. To make a long story short…We finished the shorts. She didn’t realize how long it would take. I reminded her that this was only her first project and she chose a satin fabric. Which I always find difficult to work with. She also has been blessed and cursed with my lack of ability to correctly follow the recommended pattern directions. So seeing her modify something is going to be a challenging blast! I can’t wait!

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