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Do you know or care what you eat?? August 19, 2008

Filed under: Little things to help save our planet — Flour Girls & City Chicks @ 6:52 pm

I know that so many of us out there are trying to switch from our normal standard of food to the organic lifestyle. I know it is not easy. Even for me and my family but I do know that I will continue to try my best. Even if it means I bake my own home made bread and cakes from scratch. I did want to share this little bit of information with you all though because shopping for True Food is not so easy these days. When you buy organic you are guaranteed that you are not eating genetically engineered (GE) food. However, with the increasing amount of GE food out there it can be trick and the labels can be deceptive. So if you are curious or just flat out want to know what you are buying the great folks at Tue Food Now! have written a handy printable shopping list.

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