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First City Chick & Friends Chapter Meeting September 30, 2008

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Well last night was my very first night hosting the City Chick & Friends Farmgirl Chapter gathering. It was great! I had such a good time visiting with Celeste and Beth that I didn’t even realize it that two hours had already passed so quickly. It was amazing to hear how much we all had in common and how many things we all still felt we wanted to learn. However, I have to say one of my highlights was the beautiful gifts they brought from their farms for me. Beth brought a huge platter of Heirloom bite-sized tomatoes and Celeste a gorgeous dozen fresh eggs. You may be wondering why I say gorgeous, they are just eggs right. Well no they were not just eggs; they were an assortment of eggs from her various chickens so the colors ranged from brown and white to blue and green. So if you are reading this sisters thank you again. Not only for the wonderful goodies for but coming, inspiring and sharing yourselves with me for the evening. I can’t wait to visit your farms!



What to do with all these apples September 25, 2008

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Yesterday I was trying to decide what to do with all of these apples I had around and I decided to make up some “muffins.” They were really a bread but some of them I put in my jumbo muffin tins with simple white liners. They turned out amazing but guess how many apples I had to use…ONE! I would post the recipe but anyone who knows me will know that I am horrible at explaining what I have done to come up with this concoction, or any other for that matter. I truly just look at a recipe and then cook from the heart taking what I need from it and leaving the rest. Sometimes it doesn’t work out but most of the time it does. Maybe you can just stop by for one next time you are going to be in the neighborhood. I am always happy to whip something up. Oh well I guess it is back to the drawing board. Maybe more pie or at least some pie filling to freeze.


Forever 29? September 24, 2008

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Well this weekend I turned 35. I had a few friends ask if was just wanting to stay forever 29. Well maybe. While I want somethings about me to remain 29 forever, or at least a while longer, there are definitely things I enjoy about being in my 30’s. Age is just a number anyway!

So while this past weekend I did celebrate what my friends felt was a mile stone in life I had a great time. My honey and daughter took me to the areas Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City. Where we joined by my good friend Arlene and her family. It was great. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to be able to just be outdoors visiting with good friends. I was able to come back with 3 big bags of apples fresh from the orchards.
My daughter was sweet enough to make me a pie out of some of them. I do think she was pleased when she discovered that the old apple peeler and corer I had up in the cabinet actually worked; once I showed her how. It saved her a lot of prep time. Oh, by the way Donovan wasn’t with us because he was spending his time at his first ever Boy Scout camp outing. Which was probably best because he would have been bored with us. That boy loves to go junking and antiquing with me, but crafts are definitely not his thing.

The Riches & Treasures of Home September 17, 2008

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I always receive a wonderful newsletter filled with a wealth of great information from the Urban Homemaker. However, when I saw this lovely book I knew I just had to share a preview of it with the rest of my farmgirl sisters!

I am sure you will agree, after browsing a few sample pages below, that Kari’s book does a splendid job of blending the beautiful and elegant with a sumptuous coziness and charm. As a lover of “old-fashioned skills” and anything home oriented this book makes my heart go a flutter!

The Riches and Treasures of Home is an old fashioned book filled with warm recollections and fond remembrances, and overflows with the quaint customs and lovely old rituals of the 19th century. Recalling an extraordinary time and place, the book takes the reader on an enchanting journey that brings the gentility of the past into the present, and allows all revel in the prim formalities that made it such a glorious affair.

Kari’s book is sure to become a cherished keepsake by those with a contemplative spirit and an affinity for things of old. Her book is a sweet compendium overflowing with historical imagery and Victorian ephemera (old fashioned illustrations) in full and vibrant display, and nurtures a love of home and a delight in all things lovely.
Author Kari Wisdom has captured everything imaginable about the timeless art of homemaking with colorful Victorian illustrations. This book contains 12 chapters including The Old Time Kitchen, The Old-Fashioned Parlor, Letter Writing and Correspondence, The Linen Cupboard, The Powder Room, The Stitching Room, The Old Fashioned Nursery, The Old Fashioned Garden and much more! For any home lover the recipes alone will captivate you.
You can preorder a copy of the book by September 19th for just $34.95 with free shipping including 4 free e-books. The bonuses and free shipping ends Friday!
Portions of this were reprinted with permission.
You may subscribe to From the Heart of The Urban Homemaker at or call us at 1-800-552-7323

Invitations have left the home! September 16, 2008

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This past week I finished preparing the invitations for my new MaryJane’s Farmgirl Chapter. I sent invites to join City Chick & Friends to a couple good friends I already knew and a to a few gals I hope to get to know better. They went out in Saturdays post so I should start hearing from the girls soon! I want to say thanks to Jen Bove for encouraging me to get my own group started. Without your supportive e-mails in the early stages of this I may not have had the courage to take this on.


My how time flies by… September 13, 2008

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Well time seems to be passing me by much too quickly lately. It isn’t because I had so many projects or other commitments going on. At least it didn’t seem like it at the time. However, I think that things are finally starting to get back to normal around here.
I was thrilled with a couple things this past month that I just want to share. The first one is that I was able to pick up a great little set of 3 old theater seats for free! I nice guy on craigslist just didn’t have room for them and because they had some water damage he didn’t want them any longer. So I was quick to go get them and put them on my porch.

The next one was a truly delightful little packaged up surprise. I had helped out a fellow farmgirl in Washington. She desperately needed some yarn and was unable to locate any near her. So I was able to find her 2 skeins at my local Hobby Lobby. On clearance no less. When she sent the funds to reimburse me for yarn she included a lovely apron. I was so surprised! So thanks again Sherri! I absolutely love it and will treasure it.
Hugs~ Christina