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The Riches & Treasures of Home September 17, 2008

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I always receive a wonderful newsletter filled with a wealth of great information from the Urban Homemaker. However, when I saw this lovely book I knew I just had to share a preview of it with the rest of my farmgirl sisters!

I am sure you will agree, after browsing a few sample pages below, that Kari’s book does a splendid job of blending the beautiful and elegant with a sumptuous coziness and charm. As a lover of “old-fashioned skills” and anything home oriented this book makes my heart go a flutter!

The Riches and Treasures of Home is an old fashioned book filled with warm recollections and fond remembrances, and overflows with the quaint customs and lovely old rituals of the 19th century. Recalling an extraordinary time and place, the book takes the reader on an enchanting journey that brings the gentility of the past into the present, and allows all revel in the prim formalities that made it such a glorious affair.

Kari’s book is sure to become a cherished keepsake by those with a contemplative spirit and an affinity for things of old. Her book is a sweet compendium overflowing with historical imagery and Victorian ephemera (old fashioned illustrations) in full and vibrant display, and nurtures a love of home and a delight in all things lovely.
Author Kari Wisdom has captured everything imaginable about the timeless art of homemaking with colorful Victorian illustrations. This book contains 12 chapters including The Old Time Kitchen, The Old-Fashioned Parlor, Letter Writing and Correspondence, The Linen Cupboard, The Powder Room, The Stitching Room, The Old Fashioned Nursery, The Old Fashioned Garden and much more! For any home lover the recipes alone will captivate you.
You can preorder a copy of the book by September 19th for just $34.95 with free shipping including 4 free e-books. The bonuses and free shipping ends Friday!
Portions of this were reprinted with permission.
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2 Responses to “The Riches & Treasures of Home”

  1. Hello Sweet Christina!Thank you so much for coming by to say hello and thank you for your kind words! Your blog is darling and I am adding you to my favorites! Glad your daughter is learning to sew! I learned in the 7th grade and so thankful I was taught the basics.Have a wonderful day farmgirl!Hugs,Maryjane

  2. Anne Fannie Says:

    Hi Christina, this is my first visit to your blog. Your blog is lovely!~Ann Farmgirl #188

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