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Another year is about to pass… December 31, 2008

Filed under: Holiday Cheer — Flour Girls & City Chicks @ 4:51 pm

As I sit here this morning I am pondering what the last year has brought and what the new year will bring. I feel that overall 2008 has been quite good to me and my family. First and foremost we were are blessed with our good health and well being. We have cherished the time we have spent with our family and old friends as well as the new ones that have been brought into our lives. In a year that has ended with so many in the U.S. fearing job and home loss we are thankful we have both of them. I think that everyone was pleased to get some new “toys” of their choosing due to some unexpected overtime for the Hubby.
What will the new year bring? That I can not predict but I hope that it brings with it some more of the same good things. I pray for our good health and well being to remain in tact. I try hard to remember to feed not only our bodies good things but our souls as well. I hope to actually finish some projects and learn a few new things along the way. Plus, I hope that I can do some more charitable giving of not only things but time as well. Of course is still that dreaded 40 pounds I hope to lose every year! 🙂 Maybe this will be the year I lose it and keep it off.
Until our paths cross again I hope that the new year brings you all the joy and happiness you deserve!

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