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Sally the starter… March 24, 2009

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Yes, I named my sourdough starter. This is about my 5th time or so making a sourdough starter. Mine always ended up either black, filled with hooch on top or both. I had told myself that I was done trying to be an artisan bread maker where sourdough was concerned. I would leave it to others to do all the work on that particular variety. After all I can usually bake the rest with pretty good success. But then it came…My February-March issue of MaryJanes Farm. I read it through a few times and thought to myself that MaryJane has yet to fail me. So I will give the sourdough another try. Of course, I put off starting it for at least two weeks or so. Well I made my first loaf of sourdough this week. It was the tiniest little loaf. It didn’t seem to have much rise to it after sitting about 5 hours. Then I remembered that my fancy dancy oven had a “proofing” setting on it. I had never used it before. I had never needed it. Well I read the manual through and figured out how to work that setting. Gently tossed the sourdough into the oven to proof for 2 more hours. It did rise a tad bit in there but not much. After that I pulled it out and preheated my oven and put the little loaf back in the oven to bake. It baked nicely into a small dense round of bread. It was great warm with elderberry jam on it! So I guess for now I am a convert to this sourdough way of life. After all sourdough is actually better for you than wheat bread. Yes, it is true! Google it.


One Response to “Sally the starter…”

  1. ~~Mikki Jo Says:

    I love your blog! I came over from MJF. Will have to try that recipe if I can get my hands on it. I had no idea sour dough was better for you. That is very interesting. I am on a very low fat diet due to an artery blockage in my heart. I’m having a Donation Giveaway over at my blog stop by and tell all your friends please. Blessings, Mikki

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