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Sally’s Scrumtious Delights April 12, 2009

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Well Sally, my sourdough starter, has provided some delicious goodies for my family during the last two weeks. The first were two wonderful artisan baguette’s and the second was a batch of scrumptious chocolate chips cookies. If you want to know how you can start your own sourdough starter you can either check out the article on the MaryJane’s Farm Forum or e-mail me and I will let you know. It is so super simple and so good for you!

One Response to “Sally’s Scrumtious Delights”

  1. Nancy Jo Says:

    Christina, Hi, when you left a comment on my site you asked about my cactus plant. Said your needed a new pot .Well I came up with a way to transplant mine . It was so big and the pot was small and the dirt was not good anymore.I was so afraid I will would hurt it, and its an old family plant. SOOO-I got a bigger pot ready, ‘CLAY POT” plactic isn’t good for a cactus, stones in the bottom and just plain good potting soil.Then, my plant was in a clay pot, so I took a hammer and hit the pot on all sides to put big cracks in it, even to break away some pieces so the roots could grow out of the pot into the new dirt. Then I set the plant POT AND ALL into the new pot. So You see the new pot has to be big enough for you do this.Then cover the old pot with dirt. The reason I did it this way, is if you try and take a cactus out of its pot it kind of falls into several pieces, this way it stays together. I don’t know how big yours is, but mine was so big this was the best way for me to do it. If yours is little then you may not have to do it this way. So I hope this helps. Just get a bigger pot, put cracks and breaks in the old one and plant the whole thing. If its a plastic pot, cut it down the sides in several places. NANCY JO MARYJANE FARMGIRL

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