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Busy, busy, busy May 13, 2009

Filed under: The Urban Homestead,Through the Garden Gate — Flour Girls & City Chicks @ 6:44 pm

It has been a busy week here at the City Chick’s homestead. It all started with mulching the front flower beds with straw and replanting a couple things. Then we decided to take a little breather from the chicken coop this weekend to focus on the fence that the city is requiring us to put in. Yes, even though we are going to be putting up an actual chicken run we still need to fence in the remaining part of our backyard. Just in case they make a run for it. However, with this mansion I hope that will never even cross their precious little minds. There wasn’t much of an area to fence but for those of you that know me you are aware that if I make one trip to Lowe’s or the Depot that I end up having to make at least one more (sometimes two) for the stuff I had forgotten. Since we are not builders here at the homestead this happens quite often. Which makes me happy that I live only 10 miles or so from Lowe’s. So the fence is all completed now with the exception of the chicken wire that I have to put around the bottom edge.
I am thrilled with how well it looks so i must thank the city guy. Even though the backyard still needs some work I look out upon it and see the real potential. The potential to have little to no grass that is. Of course that means getting those gardens tended and turned this week. Arg! Gardens. I do love to garden and harvest the fruits of our labor but this year I am attempting to start seeds, plant only heirlooms and needless to say it is not going so well. So far none of them have sprouted. What gives? I planted them all according to the directions and in nice organic seed starter soil. At this rate I guess I will just try to start those darn tomatoes directly into the soil and hope for the best. Next year maybe I will have better luck. After all I did just snag two old windows from someones garbage this weekend to make a cold frame. Until next time…Bloom where you Grow.

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