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Turning life into a bowl of cherries… May 27, 2009

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It all started at Whole Food. I was innocently there to pick up some fruit and veggies. I was there looking specifically for some cherries. After looking for them and not seeing them I continued along on my shopping. A trip there takes long enough without me dwelling on not finding exactly the one thing I really wanted. As I was leaving I grabbed my bags of goodness, put the cart away and would you believe it right before my eyes clear as day were my cherries. I scooped up two bags and headed back to the checkout.

Have you ever had one of those days, well months, where it feels like all you have been doing is running? Either running errands or running the kids, pets, or spouse somewhere? Your brain just can’t seem to catch up to the daily activities in a timely fashion? Well that is somewhat how my last month seemed to go more or less. As women I think that we have those moments. Well I decided to do something about this past week. I started it all off with calling the Internet provider to see if we could get a higher speed connection so that my family members could stream videos and play their online games more efficiently. Unfortunately, I had to switch companies but that is ok I didn’t mind too terribly. Then once I had that done I called Directv and had them get our service down to the bare minimum of programming. I decided that we had all been spending way to much time on the telly. Alright, I am definitely 2nd runner up to the title of T.V. Goddess so I figured I needed to break free. Yes, I do love television in all its glory. The lure of watching beautiful people on the telly has always been a past time of mine as long as I can remember. I think it must have started as a small child watching the Lawrence Welk Show with my grandfather. All those girls in pretty dresses. Then of course Solid Gold came out and yes, gramps watched that as well. It was ritual that you watched t.v. in the evening. I now discovered that most shows I like come out on video or my children can find them online and set it up for me to watch it through the PS3 onto the t.v. screen. Ah, technology! It is sort of like living with men. Can’t live with them and can’t live without them.
So all this week I took a much need break. Yes, I still did some housework and laundry but more importantly I took time to just sit and read. A pastime that enjoy but regard as a treat because I never seem to have time. Well this week I read three books in a series of books based on what else…a t.v. show. Well the book of course are much better and intriguing. Plus, they were an easy flowing read from start to finish. But now it is back to business. I still need to get that chicken coop painted and put in the garden this weekend. None of my tomato seeds came up so I am being bailed out big time by my farmgirl friends, Beth and Celeste. Beth assured me that she will bring me an assortment of tomato plants to market Saturday. I also have to get busy sewing a few things. I have bags and piles of fabric everywhere just waiting to made into something. Of course none of those things seem like work when I see the finished results.
So now I am all refreshed and thinking straight again. Life is like a bowl of cherries here at this City Chick Homestead once again.

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