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Ahh! Finally a free moment… December 4, 2009

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I know we all have those days & weeks that never really seem to end. They just go right into the next day like a little blur. OK for some of you it is a life style choice! You know who I am talking about the ones that thrive in there own little chaotic whirlwind. I have some dear friends that fit that particular mold but for me I prefer the more simple life. Not that I don’t have my fleeting moments of craziness that I absolutely wouldn’t trade. I just prefer to not make them a daily habit.
So you know that in my last post I let you all know that we were making a few changes in our lives here at City Chick’s Urban Homestead. Well I am please to report that all has gone along smoothly. Yes, the son still guilt’s me for being a full-time working Mom at every opportunity he can find. I really love my job and nearly everyone I work with but I do have to admit that 40 hours per week and an additional 7 hours of driving to and from per week is causing me a little more chaos than I like in my life. It does start to take a toll on the household chores and my farmgirl chores. Well not chores so much as the fact that I haven’t had time to craft or sew! So I have decided that at the end of my first ninety days, which ends January 15th, I am going to put in for a schedule change and go down to 30-32 hours per week. That is until I can get on the at-home-agent team. Of course who knows how long that will take. Cutting back my hours will still give me plenty of extra money to support my fabric and textile habit! However, it will give me some time to enjoy it also. I am ready to step out of my little personal cyclone and feed my creative side again!