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Have you ever… March 1, 2010

Filed under: In the Craft Room — Flour Girls & City Chicks @ 8:34 pm

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you hit the mother lode? I was out today with Jade and we were on the hunt for some fabric that would make some cute little stuffed Easter eggs when the call came in. It was Genne and in case you don’t already know she is our dearest family friend who has know us both since before we were born. She is like another grandmother; but one with talents that I truly appreciate. She is the first person I had ever known that is a true farmgirl at heart. I am certain that she and MaryJane would be fast friends if ever they were to meet. Anyways, whenever she calls I drop whatever I am doing to take the call. Today was no exception and boy was I glad I was out and about and able to stop by. She was getting rid of her husband’s old “western wear” shirts and wanted to know if I wanted to come by and go through them. Of course I did!! I had already seen the pile in her living room just a week earlier and commented on how beautiful those snaps were on them. She must have remembered how much I loved them. So off Jade and I went to rummage through all their glory. We left with 34 shirts!! I am sure by now you are asking yourself what in the h*ll is Christina going to do with all those shirts? Well they will be refashioned into something else spectacular. I have an idea for an apron and even a dress or two for Jade. I will post pictures just as soon as I finish something. I am not a super seamstress but I am trying to get there. This quilter will learn this year to create clothing! 



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