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Sprouting news… April 1, 2010

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Things have literally been sprouting around here at the homestead.  

In March I decide to try my hand at starting seeds again.  Last year was disaster on that front and not a single one grew.   Really not much grew for me last year at all.  Only the beans and zuchinni.  Any how this year  I have had every seed I planted sprout.  Now you may be thinking that I got new seed for this…well you be wrong in assuming that.  I used the same seeds that I had used last year.  I think the key this year was that I used one of those little Jiffy greenhouses this year.  I carefully filled each pot with some organic seed starter mix, filled the tray with water and placed my little seeds on top of the dirt.  Once I made certain that the water had soaked into the pots and potting mix I put the lid on it and set it down in my warm furnace room to do its thing.  Well after just a few days they were sprouting!  So I moved them up to the window to start getting some sunlight.   Then out to the cold frame for a day before I could put them in their own little pots. 

Yesterday, March 31st, I spent nearly the whole day getting my little leggy seedlings transplanted into their larger paper pots.  Sure I could have just gone out and purchased some peat pots but my friend Beth (The Seed Queen) recommended that I just make my own from old newspaper.  So I went online to find the how-to directions.  It was easy. Although I did change the directions around a bit to suit me.  I will post the directions on that in another post though!

The point of this rambling though is to let you all know it is not to late to start  your own garden or for that matter even to start some of your own seeds.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of space and as an urban farmgirl I should know.  Even apartment dwellers can grow in patio pots.  

Hugs~ The City Chicks 



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