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How to make Paper Pots April 6, 2010

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Ok so I promised that I would give you all a bit of instruction on making your own paper pots for all your seedling needs.  It really is very easy and once you get all your supplies in order it goes pretty quickly.  Unless of course if you are making thousands of them!

Here is a list of what you need: 

  1. Recycled newspapers (I recommend the ones that are printed with a soy based ink!)  You could also use old phone book pages. 
  2. Potting soil (I used the organic Jiffy mix)
  3. Old Measuring cup
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape
  6. Either a jar, glass or some other hard round item that is about the size around that you would like your pot to be.
  7. Popsicle sticks to label what you have planted.
  8. Sharpie marker
  9. Old Funnel, optional

I also like to have a bowl of water and a measuring cup on hand to water the seedlings once they have been potted.

 Once you have all your items ready to go you will need to cut your newspapers in half and stack them neatly in a pile.

Then fold one sheet of newspaper in half the long way.

Wrap the newspaper around your jar or glass with the folded edge where the top of your pot will be.  Hint… in this picture the lid end is the top edge.  Once the paper is wrapped around I secure it with a small piece of tape.  

Then after you have wrapped the paper around the jar you will need to slide it up a bit so that you have enough paper to fold over the base of the jar to make the bottom of your pot.  The rule of thumb that I used was if you can fold the paper over and it goes just past the center of the jars base you have enough. 

Then start folding in the paper to create your pot bottom.  Once you have folded all the paper in secure it with another small piece of tape.

Now you can slide your wonderful new, inexpensive organic paper pot off the jar and start making as many as you need.

Once you have enough you can place them in a flat container.  I just reuse the lid and base to my seed starting greenhouse.  Although those are flimsy when they get heavy so I recommend that you put those into another more durable container.  I like to set them in the boxes that hold fruit and vegetables at Costco.  Yes, you know the free ones that ones that you bring your groceries home in!  I reuse those all of the time.  They have a great many uses for my gardening chores.

Now you are all ready to get busy planting!  If you need help on that let me know.  I would be more than happy lend you a hand.  Plus, don’t forget to label your plants…I know almost all those seedlings look the same to me when they are starting out.   

Happy Planting~ The City Chicks


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