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So what did you do? May 2, 2010

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So the 40th anniversary of Earth Day has come and gone.  Did you take any steps to help out our planet?  Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t.  I am not here to judge but I will share with you what I did. 

To some it may not be a huge step and some may think we are a little crazy here on the homestead.  So what was our big step you may be wondering….well it wasn’t that we decided to use only recycled grocery bags every time we go out shopping…we already do that.  It wasn’t that switched our household cleaners and laundry soaps to green ones…yes, we already had done that as well. 

It occurred to me a while ago that my family, me included, was spending way to much time watching television.  A lot of the time was spent just looking for something to watch.  There were 200+ channels and still nothing was ever on.  So I did some research to see just how much our “vampire”  was sucking out of the outlet and I was amazed.  Over the course of a year our one HD/DVR and one TV cost as much as a refrigerator to run.  That doesn’t include all the other televisions, dvr’s and gaming systems we have hooked up either.   If you do a google search on it you can find several sites that can help you estimate just how much your electrical goods use while not in use.  So now can you guess what we did?  As crazy as it may seem in this media driven society that we all live in we CANCELED our Directv service!  No, we didn’t switch to cable instead.  So were we crazy to give up a service that brought us so much mindless joy…it could be that I was since Tue Blood season 3 is starting soon.  No not really.  It was an environmental smart choice for us to make.  It has been a week now with out it and even though we no longer have our multiple dvr’s we haven’t really missed much on tv.  Thanks to Playon and Fancast we can find nearly all of our favorite shows.  See I am not that crazy…I didn’t give up the internet!  A girl still has to have the world (or world-wide web) at her finger tips.

So as the days and weeks go by I hope that you all continue to think of ways to make Earth Day everyday. 

Hugs~ The City Chicks


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