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Dammit Doll Exchange May 24, 2010

Filed under: City Chicks & Farmgirl Friends,In the Craft Room — Flour Girls & City Chicks @ 8:24 am

This week I somewhat blindly signed up for a Dammit Doll Exchange/Swap with some of the girls over at MaryJane’s Farm.  I say blindly because I wasn’t quite sure exactly what a Dammit Doll was.  Sure they gave a brief description of one and how easy the pattern would be to make etc.  Either way I like the idea of one and I loved the saying that will be sent with him.  So I designed my own pattern and I liked it so much I think I will be making up a few more to sell in my etsy store. 

On a little side note…when I sent my hubby a picture of it once I was done he asked, “well who is supposed to look like?”  Really I didn’t model it after him.  It just turned out that once it was complete it took on his image.  He’s pretty cute huh?

Hugs~ The City Chicks


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