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Meet Gracie July 28, 2010

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Well I told you all that I had been busy around the homestead and not just in the gardens.  Earlier this month, after much research on dog breeds , we acquired our new puppy Gracie!  Yes, I already know you may thinking our family already has a large enough menagerie of animals between the 8 chickens, two cats, a dog and a cockatiel.  My friend Bebe already pointed that out.  However, we felt like we could add one more.  My sister Ashley and her family have a great golden retriever, Maya,  and when we were researching breeds the golden’s kept popping up as a good fit for our family.  So that is what we decided on as well.  Gracie is amazing!  We absolutely adore her.  She loves playing out in the gardens and harassing the chickens when she is not in the house getting chased by midnight, our kitten…won’t midnight be surprised in a couple of months when Gracie is bigger than her.  As you see though Gracie is still small and it left me little time for much else.  I forgot that new puppies were like new babies.  It has been a good reminder of why we didn’t have more than two children.  This week though I have been working on getting Gracie up to the sewing room with me, which is also where my desk is.  So far so good.  As I type this she is sleeping soundly at my feet.  Well I better take advantage of this down time and look for that project to finish!

Hugs~ Christina


Sewing room confessions

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Do you sew?  Do you know someone who does?  Well if you can answer yes to either one or to even both of those questions you know how messy a sewing room can get in just a matter of one project.  If you are like me well then you probably have several projects or at the very least the material, patterns and books for several projects hanging around your sewing or crafting room.  They probably even trickle over into the other areas of your home.  Well I must confess that my sacred space was getting a little bit out of control. I really do thrive in a nice and tidy spot.  I find I can think more clearly and finish the task on hand more efficiently.  Now my friends may very well tell you that my house is never as messy or unkept as theirs but really and truly things were getting a bit out of hand up in the sewing room.  Especially the closet!  Now I won’t show you the closet before it was cleaned.  It is enough for me to admit that I am a fabric whore let alone show you all and I am certain that several people have a way larger stash than what I do… so why put us all through that unsightly reminder.  Instead let’s think happy thoughts of what could be.  So after several hours of organizing, reorganizing all those shirts for aprons and let’s be frank tossing out items I finished the dreaded cleaning of the sewing room.  Tossing things is never easy but tossing fabric scraps is even harder.  I did it though and I couldn’t be happier.  The space is back to being organized and I can clearly see and find everything I am needing.  So what shall I sew first.  I don’t know.  I still have those half done items to complete and a long over due baby quilt to start.  

Take my advice…Do a little cleaning or tidying and see how much you can get your creative juices to flow.  Even if it is just a little space like a closet.  Lord knows I still have more fabric outside of my closet!

Hugs~ Christina


No eggs yet

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Do you have any eggs yet?  That’s the question I get asked at least once or twice a week.  No not yet.  Our girls are still too young.  Maybe by fall.  Our girls are growing into their own little personalities though.  With Izzy, our Buff Orpington,  definitely being one of the sweetest.  Just yesterday she started following me around the yard and when I called her to the gate she came flitting over to me.  The Dominiques, Milly and Tilly are tame and like to be held when you go to them.  Then you have the Crazies…  The Ameraucanas, Cleo and Isis, they like to be the leaders of the group and at the same time the loners.  They are not as social towards us as the others but by no means are they mean.  They still allow us to hold them…if we can catch them!   We got the crazies for their beautiful blue and green tinted eggs though.  We still have three baby chicks in our house though.  We are in the process of getting the older ones used to their presence in the yard so they don’t get picked on to terribly.  Although, I think a little is to be expected. 

If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by and visit and us.  You better plan to stay a bit though.  The girls will lull you into a calm submission with their little crackles and chirpy sounds.

Hugs~ Christina


Oh so sweet…

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Sweet Corn that is.  Yes, I did have the best intentions this weekend of blogging and sewing but instead I spent some time in the kitchen and at Sur La Table.   I LOVE Sur La Table! So much so that I went twice.  They have everything and more when it comes to handy kitchen gadgets to make my life easier. 

Friday Todd and Donovan did all the hard work of picking this load of corn.  Which left me to either get it prepared for canning or for freezing.  I don’t have a pressure cooker to can the corn so I froze it.  I always find that putting up food is a bit time-consuming.  However, it is really worth it and I hope that in time I will learn to do it faster.  Twenty  jars later though I realized how much faster it went this time.  Thanks to the OXO Good Grips corn peeler.

Which brings me to a summer give-away here at the urban homestead!  Since it is already or soon to be time for the sweet corn harvest around the U.S. I thought I would give you all a chance to win a few of my favorite sweet corn related items.  It will include that nifty corn peeler I now love so much, a Butter-boy for gliding butter over that hot cob of corn, a set of Zyliss interlocking corn holders so you can easily find a pair and a set of Ball freezer jars.  These freezers jars are great…they are BPA free and they stack, lock together and store great.  As always you will find an additional surprise that is not listed.  So how do you get this little corn starter package.  It is easy!  Either you can leave a comment and tell me your favorite corn recipe  & no you don’t have to list the recipe directions, unless you want to or you can subscribe to the blog.  The winner will be chosen on August 10th. 




I know, I haven’t forgotten you… July 22, 2010

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I know, I know.  I haven’t posted in such a long time.  I really don’t need the reminders girls.  ((wink wink))  Although, I do apologize to all of you faithful readers. You know how busy life can get from time to time.   So this weekend I have cleared my schedule to do a bit of blogging for you all.  I have tried several new recipes.  So I will share a few of those with you and then I am going to take some time to work on some U.F.O’s (Un~Finished~Objects).  In my case sewing objects.  First on my list will be to finish the apron I was going to send my Mom for mother’s day.  Better late than never I figure.  

So be sure to come back later.  I promise I will be posting again soon!  Maybe I will even have a give away.  Hum, what ever shall it be though.