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Sewing room confessions July 28, 2010

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Do you sew?  Do you know someone who does?  Well if you can answer yes to either one or to even both of those questions you know how messy a sewing room can get in just a matter of one project.  If you are like me well then you probably have several projects or at the very least the material, patterns and books for several projects hanging around your sewing or crafting room.  They probably even trickle over into the other areas of your home.  Well I must confess that my sacred space was getting a little bit out of control. I really do thrive in a nice and tidy spot.  I find I can think more clearly and finish the task on hand more efficiently.  Now my friends may very well tell you that my house is never as messy or unkept as theirs but really and truly things were getting a bit out of hand up in the sewing room.  Especially the closet!  Now I won’t show you the closet before it was cleaned.  It is enough for me to admit that I am a fabric whore let alone show you all and I am certain that several people have a way larger stash than what I do… so why put us all through that unsightly reminder.  Instead let’s think happy thoughts of what could be.  So after several hours of organizing, reorganizing all those shirts for aprons and let’s be frank tossing out items I finished the dreaded cleaning of the sewing room.  Tossing things is never easy but tossing fabric scraps is even harder.  I did it though and I couldn’t be happier.  The space is back to being organized and I can clearly see and find everything I am needing.  So what shall I sew first.  I don’t know.  I still have those half done items to complete and a long over due baby quilt to start.  

Take my advice…Do a little cleaning or tidying and see how much you can get your creative juices to flow.  Even if it is just a little space like a closet.  Lord knows I still have more fabric outside of my closet!

Hugs~ Christina


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