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Visit from a little prince August 27, 2010

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Time here at the U.H. has been flying by like crazy.  So it was nice to take a little break a couple of weeks ago so I could have a little visit from my sister and her family.  My sister and her husband had our families newest little prince Ryder in January of this year and this was our first time seeing him in person.  He is absolutely one of the sweetest babies ever and we wish that we could see him more often (as well as his mom and dad) but distance and schedules keep us apart most of the year.  After all i don’t think I have seen my own mother in nearly a year.

taken by Ashley

The weather was cooperative and we had a nice meal.  Todd had Ryder laughing as he danced around doing some beat box thing with him in his hands.  It was hilarious! 🙂 Plus, Ryder seemed to like our little homestead and he couldn’t take his eyes off all the little critters.  Especially the birds!  Maybe I will have to make a special trip up so I can bring him a little house bird of his own.  Hummm.  Not so sure his parents would like that though.  Hopefully when he is a bit older he can come stay with us for a long weekend now and again ’cause I’m betting he is going to be a true blue city boy and his aunt and uncle may just have to show him how to work a small little urban homestead.  Chicks and all.  I even have the perfect little tire horse picked out to hang on the tree when he is big enough to sit on it.  


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