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Sewing room confessions July 28, 2010

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Do you sew?  Do you know someone who does?  Well if you can answer yes to either one or to even both of those questions you know how messy a sewing room can get in just a matter of one project.  If you are like me well then you probably have several projects or at the very least the material, patterns and books for several projects hanging around your sewing or crafting room.  They probably even trickle over into the other areas of your home.  Well I must confess that my sacred space was getting a little bit out of control. I really do thrive in a nice and tidy spot.  I find I can think more clearly and finish the task on hand more efficiently.  Now my friends may very well tell you that my house is never as messy or unkept as theirs but really and truly things were getting a bit out of hand up in the sewing room.  Especially the closet!  Now I won’t show you the closet before it was cleaned.  It is enough for me to admit that I am a fabric whore let alone show you all and I am certain that several people have a way larger stash than what I do… so why put us all through that unsightly reminder.  Instead let’s think happy thoughts of what could be.  So after several hours of organizing, reorganizing all those shirts for aprons and let’s be frank tossing out items I finished the dreaded cleaning of the sewing room.  Tossing things is never easy but tossing fabric scraps is even harder.  I did it though and I couldn’t be happier.  The space is back to being organized and I can clearly see and find everything I am needing.  So what shall I sew first.  I don’t know.  I still have those half done items to complete and a long over due baby quilt to start.  

Take my advice…Do a little cleaning or tidying and see how much you can get your creative juices to flow.  Even if it is just a little space like a closet.  Lord knows I still have more fabric outside of my closet!

Hugs~ Christina


Dammit Doll Exchange May 24, 2010

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This week I somewhat blindly signed up for a Dammit Doll Exchange/Swap with some of the girls over at MaryJane’s Farm.  I say blindly because I wasn’t quite sure exactly what a Dammit Doll was.  Sure they gave a brief description of one and how easy the pattern would be to make etc.  Either way I like the idea of one and I loved the saying that will be sent with him.  So I designed my own pattern and I liked it so much I think I will be making up a few more to sell in my etsy store. 

On a little side note…when I sent my hubby a picture of it once I was done he asked, “well who is supposed to look like?”  Really I didn’t model it after him.  It just turned out that once it was complete it took on his image.  He’s pretty cute huh?

Hugs~ The City Chicks


Have you ever… March 1, 2010

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Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you hit the mother lode? I was out today with Jade and we were on the hunt for some fabric that would make some cute little stuffed Easter eggs when the call came in. It was Genne and in case you don’t already know she is our dearest family friend who has know us both since before we were born. She is like another grandmother; but one with talents that I truly appreciate. She is the first person I had ever known that is a true farmgirl at heart. I am certain that she and MaryJane would be fast friends if ever they were to meet. Anyways, whenever she calls I drop whatever I am doing to take the call. Today was no exception and boy was I glad I was out and about and able to stop by. She was getting rid of her husband’s old “western wear” shirts and wanted to know if I wanted to come by and go through them. Of course I did!! I had already seen the pile in her living room just a week earlier and commented on how beautiful those snaps were on them. She must have remembered how much I loved them. So off Jade and I went to rummage through all their glory. We left with 34 shirts!! I am sure by now you are asking yourself what in the h*ll is Christina going to do with all those shirts? Well they will be refashioned into something else spectacular. I have an idea for an apron and even a dress or two for Jade. I will post pictures just as soon as I finish something. I am not a super seamstress but I am trying to get there. This quilter will learn this year to create clothing! 



Springing along April 27, 2009

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Well, it has been a while since I have had time to tend this little blog. I wish I could tell you all that I have been feeding my creative spirit all this time but unfortunately that has not been the case. Although I did take my punch needle class out at Country Sampler last week. Of course I haven’t worked on it a minute since I left the building.
So what have I been doing all this time? Well my front flowers did finally get their much needed cleaning. I cleared all the straw out and all the last little bits of mulch that I could. It was just in the nick of time too. The spring rains that have moved in have really brought my perennials up. My husband took me down to the compost site and ever so graciously filled the truck bed with the “black gold”. Then he came home and helped me spread it all around where I want the new garden to go. I did help with my OES chapter dinner. I was supposed to be more active in the planning but I guess I wasn’t needed so that didn’t happen. It has been a sore subject for the last 2 weeks in my house and I am glad it is over! So that is all I will be saying about that one.
Creatively though I did manage to get my mail art done. Of course it is still waiting patiently to be mailed. Sorry I haven’t sent it yet Melanie!! It is going to Canada so I need to go have it weighed at the post station so that it actually makes it there. I will put that first on my list of to-do things once I leave this house today. Then I’m off to run the remaining errands. Is there ever an end to them? I feel that is all I do some weeks. Run here then run there. Maybe I have been slacking on my time management skills. This week I am going to try and do better though. I won’t be getting pulled in so many directions and I am going to definitely take some time for me. I need to feed that creative side of my brain a bit more than I have been. So hopefully in my next post I can show something…maybe I will finish one of those UFO’s that are sitting there staring at me.

Teaching Jade to sew?!?! August 16, 2008

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So this week has been full of excitement for me. My daughter finally decided that she wanted to learn to sew! She had been talking about it for about a month now so a couple of weeks ago I bought her a used Singer off of craigslist. Mainly because I keep mine set up for quilting. I suppose I could have shared but why when a practically new machine could be purchased for $30. Plus, then we can sit and so side by side. Well that was my hope anyway. After spending a week with her picking out just the right fabric and a super easy pattern we were ready to start. To make a long story short…We finished the shorts. She didn’t realize how long it would take. I reminded her that this was only her first project and she chose a satin fabric. Which I always find difficult to work with. She also has been blessed and cursed with my lack of ability to correctly follow the recommended pattern directions. So seeing her modify something is going to be a challenging blast! I can’t wait!

My Weekend Bargin!! July 21, 2008

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A gorgeous Singer Treadle. I did a little research on the Singer website and found out she is a model 66 made in 1914. She came with all of the original attachments and accessories which you can see in the picture. I really had to bargain with the gal because she wanted way over what I was able to spend. However, she desperately wanted to go on a vacation this year so I talked her down to less than half of what she originally wanted. I assured her that this little beauty would be going to a good home where she would be loved and cared for. So in the end I think that made her happy. I had to swing by the sewing store on the way home for a thread spindle and the guy told me that if he were to estimate a cost on replacing it that I walked away with a steal. It would be worth over 3 times what I paid for it! 

Has it has been a month already? July 19, 2008

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Wow I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I posted last. I always have good intentions of posting though.

I did make some amazing cookies last week after tweaking a recipe. They started out as basic oatmeal raisin which Todd and Donovan love. However, Jade and I don’t care for raisins in our cookies so I took half of the basic dough and added craisins and white chocolate to ours. Yummy! I made them “monster” sized and I couldn’t believe how moist they stayed for the three days that they lasted. They have quickly become one of our new favorites!

I stitched up this cute little pin cushion! I have to admit the pattern needed some adjustments so my first one definitely did not look this good. I am fairly new to all this sewing stuff so thankfully I can usually figure it out. Needless to say the first one looked more like a deflated cupcake. My daughter made the delightful little gift box that is in the picture. It is hard to see but the top of it is covered in what appears to be sugar crystal.

I have been using my homemade laundry soap exclusively now for almost a month! I must say that it really is working great. Our clothes look and feel much cleaner and crisper than they did with my old laundry detergent. The crispness could also be due to the fact that I have been hanging almost everything out on the clothes line. Either way I love it so I will be sticking with it from here on out!