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What a great start to the week… May 20, 2010

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Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day outside so I decided that Jade and I should take a drive down to see our favorite little shop owner Connie.  Her store Prairie Piecegoods always has something new and exciting every time we go in.  Sunday was no exception.  While going through a box she had yet to unpack I came across a fabulous tan vintage hand-tooled leather purse.  It truly was love at first sight.  I had already acquired a darling little black one for my vintage purse collection a few months back.  Of course, it seems that nothing I ever want to purchase is tagged at Connie’s store; so I was holding my breath waiting  for a hefty price when I bravely asked how much she would want for it.  Brace yourself… I got the little beauty for a mere $10! 

Now if I can just get her hubby, Doug,  to part with the box of old slides that has been sitting there for months collecting dust.  He says that he is waiting for his siblings to go through them first since they belonged to their parents and grandparents.  Maybe I’ll wear him out one of these days.  I am hopeful those Kodachrome slides will be all mine!

Hugs~The City Chicks


I just love a new toy… February 3, 2010

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Yes, it is true. I am sort of falling in love with our new toy. I really owe it all to my dear hubby who has been wishing and hoping for a record player. I am not sure why. We only own one record and it is KISS. Yuck!! However, a week or so ago he told me he had seen a ad on Craigslist for a vintage record player. He new if he said the words vintage Curtis Mathes it would send me to a happy place and I would just have to go and take a peek. After all I grew up with grandparents who had owned ’70s model that had a tv and even an 8 track player in it. Todd assured me that even if the Curtis didn’t play great from the start he would fix it but either way it was a nice piece of furniture. The picture did look good so I called and set up a time to go see the it in person. Well we were in luck the lady who owned it had taken very good care of it. It looks nearly new and guess what…. it works!! It does take a few seconds for the tubes to warm up but the most beautiful emerald green glow comes from the center of the radio when it is ready. I was a bit shocked that the radio even tunes easily to local stations. It gives of this great low hum that might drive someone crazy but not me. It really is just amazing and anyone knows me knows I love old vintages pieces that serve a function. Now I just need to find some old records. KISS just isn’t going to cut it for me!

PS… this is the first and last close up look that midnight is ever going to see! 


My how time flies by… September 13, 2008

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Well time seems to be passing me by much too quickly lately. It isn’t because I had so many projects or other commitments going on. At least it didn’t seem like it at the time. However, I think that things are finally starting to get back to normal around here.
I was thrilled with a couple things this past month that I just want to share. The first one is that I was able to pick up a great little set of 3 old theater seats for free! I nice guy on craigslist just didn’t have room for them and because they had some water damage he didn’t want them any longer. So I was quick to go get them and put them on my porch.

The next one was a truly delightful little packaged up surprise. I had helped out a fellow farmgirl in Washington. She desperately needed some yarn and was unable to locate any near her. So I was able to find her 2 skeins at my local Hobby Lobby. On clearance no less. When she sent the funds to reimburse me for yarn she included a lovely apron. I was so surprised! So thanks again Sherri! I absolutely love it and will treasure it.
Hugs~ Christina

Weekend Bargains! August 6, 2008

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Here are some pictures of weekend bargains. I purchased them at the best little “general” store called Prairie Piecegoods. I actually know the owner and her husband so I always like to go down for a little visit. There is always plenty of vintage items to be found and the prices are always so cheap. I can’t hardly wait until they open their antique store, which will be right across the street!

Hugs~ Christina