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Meet Gracie July 28, 2010

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Well I told you all that I had been busy around the homestead and not just in the gardens.  Earlier this month, after much research on dog breeds , we acquired our new puppy Gracie!  Yes, I already know you may thinking our family already has a large enough menagerie of animals between the 8 chickens, two cats, a dog and a cockatiel.  My friend Bebe already pointed that out.  However, we felt like we could add one more.  My sister Ashley and her family have a great golden retriever, Maya,  and when we were researching breeds the golden’s kept popping up as a good fit for our family.  So that is what we decided on as well.  Gracie is amazing!  We absolutely adore her.  She loves playing out in the gardens and harassing the chickens when she is not in the house getting chased by midnight, our kitten…won’t midnight be surprised in a couple of months when Gracie is bigger than her.  As you see though Gracie is still small and it left me little time for much else.  I forgot that new puppies were like new babies.  It has been a good reminder of why we didn’t have more than two children.  This week though I have been working on getting Gracie up to the sewing room with me, which is also where my desk is.  So far so good.  As I type this she is sleeping soundly at my feet.  Well I better take advantage of this down time and look for that project to finish!

Hugs~ Christina